Diploma in Primary Education

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School of Languages & Education
12 Months

Do you dream of shaping young minds and making a lasting impact on children during their formative years? Our Diploma in Primary Education empowers you to inspire and educate, turning your passion into a rewarding career. Embark on this journey to become the educator who sparks curiosity and fosters a love for learning in the next generation.

List of units


  • Child Development
  • Evolution of the Concept of Primary Education
  • Teaching Practice/ Ready to Teach Practical teaching in a Primary class.
  • Teaching & Learning in Primary School
  • Inclusion Children with SEN into Primary Classrooms
  • Mathematics in Primary Education
  • Language in the Primary Years
  • Environment & Science in Primary Level
  • Health & Physical Education in Primary Education
  • Aesthetic Education in Primary Level

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The Diploma in Primary Education is a comprehensive 30-credit, one-year program designed to equip you with advanced knowledge and skills. It’s the perfect upgrade for those already willing to be primary teachers.

Our curriculum is carefully crafted to cover early childhood education’s latest trends and research. You’ll gain a deep understanding of child development, pedagogical approaches, and effective teaching methods.


  1. Duration – 12 Months
  2. TVEC Approved 
  3. Start Date – 2 Intakes Per Year 
  4. Fee – 125,000/= 
    1. Discount –Full Scholarship on Advanced Certificate in English Course
    2. Initial Payment – 25,000/= 
    3. Balance – 10,000 * 10